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Edition No. 14

Two-thirds of Israelis say EU is an important partner for Israel

They would also like the EU to play an even greater role in Israel, across a range of areas.

Two-thirds of Israelis feel the European Union is an important partner of Israel , significantly more than in the EU's other Mediterranean partner (ENPI- South) countries, and they would like the EU to play an even greater role in their country, across a range of areas. This is one of the key findings of the recently released Autumn 2012 EU Neighbourhood Barometer for Israel, conducted in the framework of an EU-funded opinion polling project.

The survey, based on 1,004 interviews conducted in November-December 2012, finds that 65% of Israelis feel the EU is an important partner, with 71% believing the EU and Israel share sufficient common values to be able to cooperate – significantly higher than the average for the "ENPI South" region (46% and 43% respectively).

Almost seven out of ten of those asked (67%) wanted a greater EU role in economic development, 70% in trade, and 60% in external policy and foreign affairs.

The poll found that exactly half of Israelis trusted the EU – more than other international institutions like the UN (29%) or NATO (33%), and almost as much as they trust their own government (55%).

Most respondents (62%) felt the EU had good relations with Israel, compared to an average 54% in the ENPI South region.

Israelis questioned in the poll were overwhelmingly content – more so than other countries in the region – with 76% satisfied with the life they lead.

However, they were more divided regarding the direction in which the country was going: 37% of those asked felt Israel was going in the right direction, compared to 41% who thought it was headed in the wrong direction; 55% said the economic situation was good, with almost half of those asked expecting little change; 67% of those asked were satisfied with the way democracy works in Israel, above the 57% average who were satisfied across the broader region.

Forty-eight per cent of those asked agreed enough information was available about the EU, while 45% agreed it was easy to understand.

The EU Neighbourhood Barometer project (covering opinion polling and media monitoring) is part of the EU-funded Regional Communication Programme, and aims at assessing knowledge and perception of the EU Neighbourhood Policy and its cooperation activities and programmes. Similar polls were taken in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria , Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories.

For the Israel factsheet containing the main findings of the poll:

Access a summary of the poll results for all the ENPI countries here

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